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Below is an overview of the prices.

$600 to $950

This price will be for the designing and developing of your website. The price will range between $600 to $950 depending on what kind of website it will be. Meaning if you need a very simple one page website, it will only cost $600. But a very complexed site with lots of pages will be $950. This price will only need to be paid once. Half before I start on the project and the other half after the website is finished.


This price is for the hosting of your website. This price will have to be paid anually. 

If you want to delete your site, that must be communicated 3 months in advance of the renewal date of the hosting.


The price for the domain is $30 per year. This also has to be paid anually. If you already have a domain you do not have to pay this.


Whenever you want to update some information on your site, or add a new page, change some images or something else, you can send me am email regarding what you want me to do and I will make those edits within a week. I charge $30 per hour for this.

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Do you need a website?
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