Is Rebecca's Designing World going to make your website?

Then you should read the following about making changes to your website.

After we have agreed over a price and delivery date you will sent us an email with all the info about your future website. In that email you will also tell us what will be on all the pages. After I have reviewed that email I will start designing your website based on your email. After it is finnished, and you are not completely satisfied you get the change to tell me what to change. I will only make small changes like:
Change font of text
Change size of text
Change colors of text and/or background
Make small changes to the design; where the pictures/text/products are located.

When you are completely satisfied I will sent you the last payment.

Later when you'd like to change something on your website, or you need help with something else related to your website, you can sent me an email telling me what you need help with and/or what you want me to change on your website. You can sent me unlimited emails. For each email I will keep track of how long I spent on it and after I am finished with the email I will sent you an invoice with a price of $40/hour. The changes will almost always be finished under 2 days.


Do you have any questions about this? Contact us

Thanks! We will reply to you as soon as possible!