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Update the info on your existing website?
Add new products to your existing website?
Add new pages to your existing website?
Freshen up your existing website?

Then you are at the right place!
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Why should you get maintance for your website?

You'll get help you can use as you wish.

Whenever you want to change something on your site just sent us an email and it will get done.

You give us your images and text, we insert them and take care of the technical part for you. 

You'll have your own website with nothing to do. 

We take care of maintenance, updates, security and backups.

If you can't figure something out, you can always count on support.

Your website will always be safe and up-to-date.

Nowadays almost everyone starts looking for information on the internet. Therefore, make sure that your company or services are well presented here. It is important that your website looks well-maintained and immediately attracts attention in a positive way. However, the website must also suit your company and match your wishes for the website. Rebecca's Designing World can help you with your wishes or questions. A good website always leads to more success online. Do you have no idea how and what? No knowledge required, and therefore no maintenance, because we take care of everything for you. We offer the right solution for every webshop, whether it is for a large or small company.

We will make sure you are 100% satisfied!

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  I create:

  • Eye-popping, unforgettable designs that make people stop and look.

  • A professional but friendly look that fits the nature of your business and your personality.

  • Simple, clear navigation that doesn’t confuse visitors but helps them see what you do and to rapidly find what they are looking for.

  • The site is built so that even the most novice user can manage the site for their business.

  • A user experience that results in continued use and ease of access.

  • Site construction that is search-engine friendly and designed for easy changes and additions.

  • New to the Internet? We regularly help clients through every step of the process to having a successful website, including help choosing the best URL (website address).


Benefits of using Rebecca's Designing World



Your website must have a creative and unique look to be successful.
We will make sure your website will get that!


Fast delivery

By us there are no long waiting lists. Does your website have be finished next week? It'll be finished next week! Do you already have an existing website but you need to add new products? The products will be added tomorow!

SEO ready

A website is important, but how do you get visitors to the website? We ensure that your website becomes search engine friendly.



I offer my services worldwide, whether you live in Canada, America, Spain, Russia or China, as long as you can speak English you're welcome to be our client.


Your wishes

Everything on your website will be exactly like you want it to be. Every word, color or design will be on your website because you said so.

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Would you like a moving background, vertical menu, animations or something else? Everything is possible!

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My working method


1. Contact me

Below is a form. There you can give me your existing website's details. 

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2. Maintance

Whenever you would like to to change something on your website you can sent me an email. It can be anything; Change the whole layout, add a new page or delete a page, change the design, texts, images, menu or something else. The changes are usually ready after 2 days. You can send unlimited emails with what I need to do.


3. Payment

After I have finished the email I will send you a invoice of CA $40/hour. When I am working on your email I will keep track of how many hours I spent on it. 

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